MDI Plus Ltd. launches an innovative carton design for pMDI’s, which doubles as a spacer.

Press Release

Ireland, 29th November 2023: MDI Plus Ltd. today announced, the launch of its innovative patented carton design, which enables the carton/box to be utilised as a spacer, providing better delivery and ease of use.

This low-cost solution will assist Patients, in emergencies, with better medicine delivery, reduced side effects and increase compliance with best practice, along with reduced additional costs.

With approx. 3.2 million deaths due to COPD and 495,000 deaths due to asthma, according to the 2017 Global Burden of Diseases Study (GBD). Many millions more suffer from these diseases and would benefit from better drug delivery to the lungs, with the use of a spacer.

Commenting on the launch, David Little, Managing Director – MDI Plus Ltd. said, “We are delighted to bring this solution to market. We’ve searched for an accessible solution to improve pMDI delivery and compliance, carried out multiple, In-vivo and In-vitro tests and have now proved the hypothesis. Like all good innovations the simple ones are the best. The MDI Plus spacer is smaller but equivalent to the market leading plastic spacers and is superior to using a pMDI alone. The results left us in no doubt, that the MDI Plus spacer solution, was a game changer for developing regions and for all patients, in emergency situations”.

MDI Plus does not significantly increase the cost of the existing packaging, but adds value. It is sustainable, reducing waste, allowing reuse, offers storage for the inhaler and therefore is accessible for the patient. Manufacturers who choose to adopt the MDI Plus carton spacer, are also promoting inhaler best practice.


For more information please contact us, or visit our website on:

MDI Plus Ltd. ~ David Little ~ 00353879086123

MDI Plus Ltd. is a collaboration between the respiratory and packaging sectors. We have brought this innovative design to market, to engage with market leading manufacturers and roll-out this low cost solution for patients, through a partnership, under a licence fee and volume related agreement.